Hi William, thanks for your comment. So I got that from a recent CNBC article, which I consider a reputable source:

Here’s how to opt-out: Consumers need to sign up either online or at a local CVS drugstore for the CVS ExtraCare Rewards program, which allows shoppers to earn special rewards or discounts on many items in the store. Then, shoppers must enroll for digital coupons and receipts in their online account or through the app, which will then eliminate those paper receipts when they shop in store. “If you don’t sign up for both, you [still] get paper receipts,” at the store, Merlo told Coombs in a follow-up interview Tuesday, adding the drugstore chain could probably do a better job of making opt-out instructions more clear.

I took this to mean that you had to do both, but understand I may have misinterpreted it, and I will update the piece to make it more clear. Still, opting for digital receipts does not get you all the discounts. For a substantial amount of them, one must still sign up online or download the app and apply the discounts digitally to get them.

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